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Harmony Panacotta with Fig Coulis
Panacotta Ingredients
400 ml. of fresh cream
200 ml. of boiled water
2 pyramid tea bags of Harmony
75 g. of sugar
25 ml. of white rum
1 envelope of granulated gelatin 10 g. (or 6 gelatins)

Prepare a strong tea with the 2 pyramids and boiled water. Remove the tea bags and squeeze them for extra flavour. Add the tea to the cream, sugar and rum. Stir well and bring to boil.  Add 4 T. spoons of cold water to the gelatin powder and leave to stand for 4 minutes. Take the cream off the stove and  mix  with the gelatin until diluted completely. Pour in a cake mould and refrigerate for at least 5 hours.

Fig Coulis

Peel 4-5 figs, slice them, add 3-4 T. Spoons of sugar and 1 T. Spoon of lemon juice and bring to boil. Allow to cool.

Serving Suggestions

Remove the Harmony Panacotta  from the refrigerator, immerse mould in warm to hot water and turn upside down on a platter. Lace with the Fig Coulis or the traditional Greek  grape spoon sweet with syrup and refrigerate.

Attention: In order to fill the standard round cake mould with a hole in the middle you must double the amount of the ingredients for the Harmony Panacota but not the ones for the Fig Coulis.

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