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Cooking with Tisanes

Creative cooking is a form of art. Cooking with tisanes can give you interesting, innovative dishes and desserts that are not mainstream. Surprise your friends and family by trying out a few of our easy Mediterranean recipes. Or even better experiment with Oreanthi Hebal Teas and let us know if you hit on something exceptional and delicious. We will be happy to add your  recipes to ours giving you of course all the credit and naming them after you. Here are some tips.

Herbal teabags can be used in more than one way. You can boil water, brew a strong tisane, throw away the tea bag and add the herbal tea to your cooking. You can snip off the tag and string, and add the pyramid. Keep in mind the pyramid will remain intact and will not dissolve in your pan. Remember to remove it before serving.  You can also empty the herb content of the tea bag and use it as any other dry herb mixture for the preparation of dishes, cakes and  sweets. With tisanes you can take a traditional recipe and give it a modern twist. Enjoy your creativity, try cooking with tisanes and don’t forget to use olive oil for a healthier fusion Mediterranean cuisine.

Lemon Curd Cake by Michalis Nourloglou
Begin with bringing the lemon juice to a boil. In the meantime whisk together the eggs, sugar and the corn starch.
Marie Antoinette's Apples by Twominutes Angie
Immerse 2 pyramid bags of Oreanthi Harmony herbal tea in 1 ¼ L freshly boiled water and leave for 5 minutes for the tea to brew.
Light+Lean Pilaf
This dish goes well with grilled minced meat kebab laced with cumin and cayenne pepper or grilled salmon fillets marinated in olive oil, lemon juice, salt and freshly ground pepper.
Sophia’s Koulourakia with Oreanthi Harmony
Brew ½ cup of strong tea with one pyramid of Oreanthi Harmony and leave to cool.
Stuffed Chicken Breasts with Oreanthi Detox
Wash the chicken breast fillets and make a deep lengthwise cut in the middle of each piece. Add salt and pepper and make the stuffing with the vegetables, herbs and Oreanthi Detox. Saute the vegetables in a frying pan and then add the wine and cognac.
Harmony Panacotta with Fig Coulis
Remove the Harmony Panacotta from the refrigerator, immerse mould in warm to hot water and turn upside down on a platter. Lace with the Fig Coulis or the traditional Greek grape spoon sweet with syrup and refrigerate.
Yota’s Stuffed Vegetables with a twist of Oreanthi Light+Lean
Cut open the tops of the vegetables and remove the inside of the peppers and tomatoes.
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