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Oreanthi Herbal Teas

Oreanthi Herbal Teas

The name Oreanthi, which means “beautiful flowers” in Greek, is a girl’s name which can be traced to the island of Chios, renowned for its beautiful flowers and luscious vegetation.

Our inspiration was to blend in an innovative way Greek herbs, tried and trusted by generations with aromatic flowers and produce premium herbal teas in a fresh, new way to taste delicious and promote wellness.
We have carefully selected Greek herbs and flowers to create our herbal infusions and, with the expertise of a master blender and herbalist, have produced 5 sophisticated delicious, fragrant blends.
All of our herbs, like Cretan Dittany, Sage, Mountain Tea, Penny Royal Mint and Scented Geranium, are harvested during the summer when their scent and potency are at their peak. Each sip of Oreanthi brings to mind memories and images of sunfilled summer days.

Download The Herbal Teas Collection leaflet and learn more about Detox, Light+Lean, Energy, Relax and Harmony Blends.


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