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The Greek Gourmet Collection Stand minutes before Sial Paris opened its doors to visitors.
15 November 2016
Admittedly among the 10 best! Proud to be part of of this joint effort.
The Greek Gourmet Collection is born – A New Synergy
01 October 2016
We are happy to be part of the The Greek Gourmet Collection comprised of 4 companies: Ladolea - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, The Family Beez - Organic Thyme and Wildflower Honeys, Golden Black - Organic Grape Products and Oreanthi - The Greek Herbal Tea Collection. GGC will be participating in the SIAL Paris food expo from October 16 to October 2O. If in Paris visit our stand P206 found in the Gourmet Hall 5B. Many thanks to The Venture Garden Program and The Hellenic Initiative for making this happen.
The Cooking Odyssey Video Featuring Oreanthi
01 December 2015
Oreanthi herbal teas are co-sponsoring the television show The Cooking Odyssey Session 3 which is being aired in the USA by PBS television network.
Watch the video which features Oreanthi in the first episode.
Learn more Oreanthi's Herbal Blends and how to use herbal teas in cooking!
Oreanthi Herbal Tea Tasting Promo.
09 March 2014
Sophia, Yota and Eleni brewing and serving Oreanthi herbal tea at Ipirotissa super market-deli-bakery in Voula.
Oreanthi Herbal Teas Now in Canada!!
02 February 2014
Very shortly, Canadians in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver will be sipping Oreanthi Herbal Teas enjoying their Mediterranean wellness benefits!
What’s Brewing
18 November 2013
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