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Olive Leaves

The Olive tree Oliva europea in Latin and Elea «Ελαία» in Greek was considered in antiquity to be a sacred tree. The myth says that when Goddess Athena struck her spear in the ground an olive tree emerged which was considered so valuable by the citizens of Attica that they named the city Athens in her name. It has been thriving in Greece according to Homer for over 10.000 years and it was considered so sacred that according to Solon’s Law if any one destroyed an olive tree he was promptly sentenced to death. Olive leaves have an interesting lemony taste which when brewed make a delicious tisane with plenty of wellness benefits. Rich in vitamin E which is considered a strong antioxidant, it also helps to boost the body’s immunity and is considered by many athletes a great source of energy. It is also believed to aid longevity and wellbeing.

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