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Greek Sage

Known as Salvia triloba. This Sage has actually three very evident lobes and its name comes from the Latin salvere which means to save. In Greek it’s called Faskomilo «Φασκόμηλο» and can be found throughout the Eastern Mediterranean region. Known since antiquity it has been depicted on the Minoan Frescos in Knossos. It is known for its cleansing properties and is considered an antidepressant and tonic for the nervous system. It helps regulate women’s mood swings promoting harmony and tranquility. Fresh leaves were also used in the past to clean teeth, strengthen the gums and aid mouth hygiene. Its popularity still remains strong and Sage can be found in almost every Greek household. We have chosen to include Greek Sage in the Oreanthi herbal teas for its exquisite aroma and female wellness benefits.

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