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Greek Mountain Tea

Known as Sideritis, Ironwort or Shepherd’s Tea.   In Greece there are at least 17 endemic varieties found in mountainous regions ranging from Crete to Epirus and Macedonia in the North of Greece. Almost each mountain has its own name for the fragrant brew. Olympus Tea, Parnassus Tea, Malotira named by the Venetians in Crete. Believed traditionally to cure almost everything and as its Latin name suggests is a very good source of iron and is considered to boost the immune and respiratory systems. Its leaves are rich in essential oils, flavonoids and minerals.  It still remains one the most popular antioxidant herbal infusions in Greece drunk as a tonic mainly in the winter with a spoonful of honey to help colds and coughs.  Recently scientific research studies have proved that it enhances memory and helps in concentration and focus. Mountain tea is also preferred for its characteristic aroma and taste.

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