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Cretan Dittany

Known as Origanum dictamnus, its local name in Crete Erondas «‘Ερωντας» means passion which explains why it is considered an aphrodisiac. Named after Mount Dikti in the Lasithian Mountains  it grows in rocky and inaccessible places which makes it difficult to collect and quite expensive. The myth says that young ardent lovers the erondades (love seekers) would recklessly climb the steep and dangerous mountain cliffs gathering pink blossoms to bring back as love tokens. It is wild harvested in the summer when in full bloom and is used in perfumery, medicines and to flavor drinks.  In Minoan times it was considered one of the most important medicinal herbs especially good for the digestive system and still remains one. Today fortunately it is widely cultivated with great success and remains very popular.

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