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The Uniqueness of Greek Herbs

Greece is blessed with an abundance of wild herbs, flowers and plants many of them indigenous, extremely rare and unique in taste and potency.  This richness and diversity of flora is due to the country’s Mediterranean climate and geological formations (Mountains, gorges, valleys, rivers and islands). There are at least 1800 endemic species and subspecies of plants that are aromatic and medicinal and at least 300 of these can be used for various commercial purposes. This means that in recent years there has been an increased interest in cultivating some of these herbs organically.

Today there has been observed a systematic destruction of wild herbs in Greece which consists of uprooting rather than cutting, which means that the plant will never grow back again. This method is used by ruthless and ignorant people interested in a quick profit. Fortunately the Greek State in collaboration with research institutes, universities, the Association of Medical and Aromatic Plants of Greece and producers is trying to resolve the problem.

Cretan Dittany

Greek Mountain Tea

Greek Sage

Olive Leaves

Penny Royal Mint

Scented Geranium

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