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Oreanthi Breakthrough!
An all time first! We managed to pack the obstinate Greek Mountain Tea into a tea bag! When cut, it tends to fluff and create blending and packing issues. We managed to surpass these with the technical support of our skillful associates and the innovative shape of the pyramid tea bag.

The Greek Gourmet Collection is born – A New Synergy
We are happy to be part of the The Greek Gourmet Collection comprised of 4 companies: Ladolea - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils, The Family Beez - Organic Thyme and Wildflower Honeys, Golden Black - Organic Grape Products and Oreanthi - The Greek Herbal Tea Collection. GGC will be participating in the SIAL Paris food expo from October 16 to October 2O. If in Paris visit our stand P206 found in the Gourmet Hall 5B. Many thanks to The Venture Garden Program and The Hellenic Initiative for making this happen.
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The Uniqueness of Greek Herbs
Greece is blessed with an abundance of wild herbs, flowers and plants many of them indigenous, extremely rare and unique in taste and potency. This richness and diversity of flora is due to the country’s Mediterranean climate and geological formations (Mountains, gorges, valleys, rivers and islands).
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